Washington, DC

Real film, real (crappy) camera.



Photo of Atlas Theatre These are mostly pictures of the H Street Corridor in Northeast Washington, D.C. (sometimes called the Atlas District, officially known as “Near Northeast”). They are all taken with a Holga 120N, and developed by me in my basement. On occasion, there are photos from other places if I happened to have the Holga with me.


My goal is to take at least one roll of film per week, develop it on the weekend, and post it here and on Instagram the following week. This site will contain all the pictures I've taken, with Instagram being the highlights.

I also want to minimize processing as much as possible. There will be minimal cropping and minimal post-processing. Mostly I'm adjusting the levels to get the clearest picture of what I (thought I) was taking. There will be as few “touch ups” as possible so you can see what comes out of the camera.


I'm davetron5000 on Twitter and most social media, and am a programmer and technical book author. My website has lots of nerdy blog articles you can read. Otherwise, I'm a happy resident of Northeast DC who likes cooking, cats, pro-wrestling, cocktails, and my lovely wife :).

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